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ABCs Color Pages - A printable sheet for each letter of the alphabet source

Activity Pages - Several fun activities here for young children. Just print them out and they are ready for use source

Autumns Free Activity Page for kids - Free activity pages you can print out. Many subjects included source

Billy Bears Playground - Holiday ideas, clipart, screen savers and other things source

Blackboard.com - Create online courses. Password protected, teacher facilitated discussion boards and chat rooms allow students to participate safely. This service is free source

Cardboard Cognition - A Sourcebook of Ideas for Educational Board and Card Game Design. Includes alphabetical listings of games source

Certificate Creator - Online and ready to go! Colorful certificates for a variety of purposes are ready for you to customize and print out.Requires Multimedia Flash plug in (which you can download free from the site) source

Certificate of Achievement - Ready to print out, this is an elegant achievement certificate source

Coloring Pages - Various coloring pages for students to print and color source

Create a Word Find Puzzle - Type in a list of words, hit the "create" button and you have a new puzzle for your classroom, ready to print adn use source

Crystal Springs Books - Supplemental books and professional development resources for PreK through grade 12 from Staff Development for Educators (SDE) source

Discoveryschool.com Clip Art Gallery - Educational clip art for websites, newsletters and handouts. Lots of subjects and fun items to chose from source

E-Z GRADER - E-Z slide charts, and two types of grade book software designed to create grading reports for students and lesson plans for instructors from K through college source

Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia - What is OK and what is not when using educational media. These fair use guidelines help sort thorough copyrigt issues for educators and students source

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials - Fair use of copyrighted materials is a confusing issue. This page has a "four factor" test which may help you determine if your use of copyrighted materials is within the "fair use" limits source

Flip Flaps - This teaching activity is a sample from Creative Teaching Press. Includes instructions and ideas for use source

Free Critical Thinking Worksheets - These printable worksheets help your students practice critical thinking skills source

Free Educational Videos - This service places free educational videos in your classroom. Browse the catalog and see what resources you might be able to use source

Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers - This page points the way to freebies especially for Canadian teacehrs (some offers will ship to the U.S.). The page includes links to articles and ideas of particular interest to teachers in Canada source

Free Worksheets - Worksheets to print for your students. This site includes pages for kids 4-6, phonics, geography, thinking skills, and many others. New worksheets are added often source

GloGerm Educational Worksheet - Work sheets and color pages to help teach the importance of hand washing. Includes lesson plans from K-6. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these sheets source

Good Neighbor Classroom Free Downloads - Several free activity pages for you to download. There are skills practice sheets, information and activity sheets. Includes instructions on how to download everything source

Hayes School Publishing Certificates - From Hayes School Publishing Company, here are lots of colorful certificates to personalize and print. Grade levels and subjects are included source

Homeroom - Gifts for the teaching profession.Fun things for teachers, support people and the classroom source

How to Help Children After a Disaster: A Guidebook for Teachers - This guide books offers advice and help to the teacher dealing with children after natrual or manmade disasters. The guide book is downloadable straight from the page. Adobe Acrobat reader required source

Interact Simulations - Interactive units for all grade levels. These activities include computer-based interaction, as well as hands on tasks. Units for a wide variety of grade levels are available for sale. Some free activities are also offered (look for the link on the home page) source

Kids Page Archive - Many printable pages with coloring, skills practice, and cut and paster activities source

KidBib Awards - You can create colorful certificates for you students right here! The certificates can then be emailed or printed source

Leapfrog - Educational toys and games for infants up through elementary school. Page includes store locator to help customers find products source

LearningPage.com - Teacher news, free worksheets and other learning activities. The worksheets are in PFD format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Members (free memebership) have access to clipart as well. Lots to see here source

Math Worksheets - Here is a chance to create your own worksheets for a wide variety of levels and math subjects. Pick your topic, add a title and click "create." Print to use in your classroom source

Mayer-Johnson Co - This company sells adaptive products to assist those with special communication needs. Emphasis is on software and hardware product used to enhance communication and learning. Ordering online is available source

Numbers Coloring Pages - Each numeral has its own printable page source

Oriental Trading Company - Inexpensive toys, rewards, room decorations and learning tools. Shop online or request a catalog source

Palma Smileys Early Childhood Curriculum Learning Products - This page offers several different kits that will enhance story telling. Included are several puppet kits and different storyboard/picture products. Early Childhood emphasis. Online ordering is available source

Personal Educational Press - This page allows you to pick from a list of words (dolch words, words with particular vowels or other features) and then turns this list into several different classroom learning aids. You can print out flashcards, tracing worksheets, bingo cards, word scrambles and many other things. source

Print and Learn for Kids - Here is nice collection of Math and Handwriting pages to print off and use for skills practice. Grade levels k-3 are included source

Printables for All Ages - Here is quite a collections of printable pictures, puzzzles, forms and rewards. Many subjects and grade levels are well represented source

Puzzlemaker - Create mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles and more to print out and use with your students source

Qualint Sample Puzzles Worksheets - This page links to many free word puzzles created with Qualint software. There is also a free demonstration download of this software available from this page source

Quizzes - Looking for online quiz generators? Want to make interactive learning games? This page lists enough sites to keep you busy for quite awhile source

Really Good Stuff - Many items of interest to classroom teachers. Theme resources, organizers and teacher gifts are just some of the categories listed here. Shop and order online source

RHL School - Worksheets, worksheets, worksheets! Print these worksheets to review, reinforce or help out your lesson plans. Plan to stay and look awhile. Grade levels appear to be high 2nd grade on up source

School-Home Link Second grade Activities - Many documents (PFD format, requires Acrobat Reader) which support parents efforts to help their second graders. These documents take the form of notes to parents and include instructions, information or short worksheet activities. These are ready to print and use source

School-Home Link Third Grade Activities - Many documents (PFD format, requires Acrobat Reader) which support parents efforts to help their third graders. These documents take the form of notes to parents and include instructions, information or short worksheet activities. These are ready to print and use source

School-Home Links First Grade Activities - Many documents (PFD format, requires Acrobat Reader) which support parents efforts to help their first grade students These documents take the form of notes to parents and include instructions, information or short worksheet activities. These are ready to print and use source

School-Home Links Kindergarten Activities - Many documents (PFD format, requires Acrobat Reader) which support parents efforts to help kindergarteners. These documents take the form of notes to parents and include instructions, information or short worksheet activities. these are ready to print and use source

Scissors Skills - These printable pages allow students to practice their skills with scissors source

Shapes and Activities Page - Each shape gets its own printable apge. Tracing, matching and coloring activities help students learn source

Shareware and Freeware - If you use a MAC and Hypercard Player, here is some downloadable shareware and freeware to make your days easier. Worksheet generator, lesson planner, and quiz maker to name a few source

Teachers Free Stuff - Freaky Freddy lists several freebies for teachers. There are offers for lesson plans, posters, booklets, activities and links to other freebies source

The Felt Source - Colorful felt/flannel board pieces to liven up your lessons. Shop and order online source

The Left Hand Kids - Products especially for left handed kids. Sports equipment, school supplies, etc. Order online, by phone or by mail source

The M-tech Worksheet Generator - This is a small, free worksheet generating page. There is a growing bank of content activities and one higher level math program. There is also a searchable archive of worksheets that have been created with this page. More is on the way source

ToonU - Interactive games for skill development. Activities are listed by grade level. The site offers a 10 day free trial and some demo games source

U.S. Toys - Online shopping for classroom tools, toys, rewards, decorations and novelties. The site includes a search function to help you locate your items quickly. Catalogs can be requested from the home page source

Used Curriculum - Have some resource books you no longer need? You can put them up for sale on this page. Good place to grow your professional library as well source

Web Word Find (word searches) - Over a dozen themed word searches to print out and enjoy source

Word Plays - All kinds of word puzzles, crosswords, codes and word fun. These are played interactively on the Interent source

Zinis Activity Pages - Free worksheets for the younger set. Simply print off these pages that deal with visual discrimination and other early childhood skills source

The ProTeacher Collection - Tens of thousands of teaching ideas and advice from experienced teachers across the United States and around the world. A FREE service brought to you by members of the ProTeacher Community.

ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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