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Center Activities Are you looking for center activities? Here is the place for you! Join us today to share center-related questions and ideas source


Ability Grouping - How appropriate this posting is! My school year just ended with a huge debate between myself, a colleague, our administrator and curriculum specialist over whether we should be able to used flexible grouping next year. The higher powers say no way. We, who have been teaching this way for the past four years and have the data to back up that it is working, say yes! Flexible grouping is...source

flexible grouping - I guess I see "ability grouping" as kind of a dated term...what does your principal think of flexible grouping? To me, I guess the first is more set in stone--groups that dont change over the course of the year, whereas the flexible groups are dynamic--the teacher is continually monitoring student progress, shifting group members on a regular basis, as needed to fit the students needs. I think we are doing the kids a real disservice if...source

flexible grouping - I think it is so interesting the conflict between research such as that referenced in the previous post, and what you hear from teachers in the field. I am not one who can quote from this researcher and that, but I absolutely trust the Guided Readers and Writers book, and know for a fact that the authors are...source

Classroom Grouping Terms - Looping? Multi grade? Multiage? Getting lost in the lingo? This site defines some common classroom grouping terms source

Cluster Grouping Of Gifted Students - An explanation of cluster grouping, the reasoning behind it and the basics of implementation, written in a question and answer format source

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