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Below are links to other lesson plan collections, as well as listings of subject specific collections. Dont forget to search ProTeacher! For tips on how to search ProTeachers huge and growing listings of individual lesson plans, click here!


Lesson Plan Book - Can you have a "key" for your state learning standards? That way you can have that in the front of your lesson plan book and just reference each lesson with the number of the standard, off to the side. It wont take up much room that way. As far as the blocks, I would just put the individual subjects and notate any restroom breaks on...source

lesson plans - Do you have to use the big, blue plan book? If you dont have to, I suggest that you try something else. When I used the blue plan book, I made a template on the computer and stapled it into the blue book. It was much easier than writing the same schedule and routine week after week. There are some things in your plan book that will not change like ...source

AskERIC Lesson Plans - Over 1000 lesson plans submitted by teachers from across the United States source

Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans - Lesson plans for grades K-5 which follow the grade-by-grade topics in the Core Knowledge Sequence source

Collaborative Lesson Archive - Lesson archive for Preschool through 12th grade. Searchable by subject and grade level source

CraftFinder - Need an idea for a craft project? Like to know what you can do with items on hand? This site is a searchable database of all kinds of crafty ideas source

Education Place Activity Search - Search for activities by general subject area and grade level at this site from Houghton Mifflin source

Gareth Pitchfords Primary Resources - This is quite a collection of original lesson plans written by the web pages author. The plans include resources such as worksheets if needed. Many are in PFD format so require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. source

Kindergarten Songs and Checklists - Songs and chants to help teach Kindergarteners rules and expectations. A fun way to learn those things source

Lesson Plans - Many lesson plans in many areas including reading, class management,spanish, math and spelling. Each lesson description is accompanied by downloadable plans or tools to help teach the lesson source

Lesson Plans from National Core Knowledge Conferences - An archive of units and lesson plans developed by teachers in Core Knowledge schools source

MarcoPolo Consortium - Search for lesson plans and resources developed or reviewed by MarcoPolo Content Partners in various subject areas source

Professional Cartoonists Index: Teacher Guide - All kinds of topics are used for comics and political cartoons. This page helps you use them to the best advantage. The lesson plans are divided into Elementary, Middle and High School source

Project Approach Examples - Here is a list with all the plans for early childhood and elementary learning projects. These come from the Project Approach program source

SuccessLink - Lessons and activities aligned to the Missouri State standards (also known as the Show Me Standards). The database is searchable by subject and by level. There is an included emphasis on teacher training and inservice source

Teachers.Net Lesson Bank - Hundreds of lessons for teachers. Has features such as requesting, submitting or browsing topics source

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers - Ideas, activities and worksheets for UK teachers who teach primary-age children (age 5 to 11) source

The Socratic Method - This page shows use fo the Socratic Method while teaching character development. Tips for the teacher will help develop the lesson source

Works4Me Tips Library: Content - Need some ideas for a creative lesson? Heres spot to pick up some good ones. These are submitted by teachers just like you source

The ProTeacher Collection - Tens of thousands of teaching ideas and advice from experienced teachers across the United States and around the world. A FREE service brought to you by members of the ProTeacher Community.

ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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