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ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Student Teachers Heres a spot for student teachers to exchange experiences. Please read our special note to future teachers on our BusyBoard Tips page source

Vent Need advice? Vent is a place for teachers to ask questions, share experiences, and yes, VENT! Celebrate the joys and frustrations of your first year. Were listening and ready to help and share! New teachers especially welcome! Also visit our VENT I board exclusively for first and second year teachers! source

First Year Teacher - Tips for surviving your first year of teaching source

Classroom Observations by the Principal - What to expect when the Principal does a walk-through to observe your classroom. source

Tips for First Year Teachers - You on your way to a great career. Here are some tips to help during your first year. source

Top New Teacher Mistakes - This collection is full of advice from veteran teachers to new teachers! source

Teacher Clothes - What are teachers wearing? Some teachers feel that they should make an investment in clothing and shoes, however others feel that they should just wear what makes they feel comfortable. See what professional teachers are saying... source

Teacher Shoes - We all know that shoes are important. We are on our feet between 8 and 10 hours a day and we need shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Here are what other teachers are wearing. source

Mentoring New Teachers - Have you been asked to mentor a new teacher? What do you do? What do new teachers need to know? Here's some tips that may help you. Some tips repeat but new ideas are also found among the posts. Good luck with this rewarding challenge!! source

Student Teaching Advice - Congratulations on becoming a Student Teacher! Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your student teaching. source

Cooperating Teacher Advice - If you are a new Cooperating Teacher, here is some advice that will help you adjust to having a student teacher. source

bulletin boards - Truthfully, when the kids come in, my bulletin boards are completely bare; just nonfade paper in restful colors with a border that will stay up the entire year. One of the first getting to know you activities is for the children to brainstorm a list of things theyd like to know about their new classmates...source

dont be scared - While I will say that teaching is a lot more than an 8am-3pm job and summers are not laid back, I would not ever think of leaving the field. Ill take that back, I think about it and then I say "no Im doing good for the future of our country" I really love teaching and cant imagine myself doing anything else. Please do not worry yourself to death. Yes, it will be overwhelming your first year, but you will learn a lot of little tricks to make things easier. Dont worry about knowing everything. Thats why...source

Ive been there too... - You are feeling the same thing I felt when I started teaching just last year. I didnt know what to expect and felt extra overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to do as a new teacher. I must say that I am a big worry head. I am constantly reflecting on what Im doing and how it turned out and I think that is a very important trait in any teacher. As teachers we should be able to reflect on what we are doing in order to see what works and what needs improvement. Its like ...source

Lessening Anxiety - I have never taught second grade, so I dont have any specific advice. However, like you, I was freaking out about my first year. I have some advice on how not to be so anxious. First of all, when you decorate your room, make it your own. Buy yourself a seat cushion for your chair. Get an air freshener for the classroom. Put up pictures of your family, and...source

My top 5 teaching strategies - Here are my Top 5 Strategies: 1) OFFER CHOICES- Even if it is only a choice between 2 tasks.(Helps to develop student ownership) 2) LEARN AT LEAST ONE FACT OF EACH STUDENT- You can use interest inventories, autobiographical timelines...source

new teacher - classroom management - Its wonderful that during this first year you are learning from your mistakes. Children really do try to take advantage of situations, and I guess this is part of their nature. I have taught a number of years, and I still have problems such as you described. Lets look at some solutions for these problems...source

successful teaching - Im not new anymore, although it seems like yesterday that I was getting out of grad school. Anyway, after seven years of successful teaching, Ill tell you the same things I tell my student teachers: 1. STAY ORGANIZED! 2. Read all of the teacher resource books you can (not general ones, but the ones with pre-made lessons and ideas to get you started) on management, how to start the first days of school...source

Teaching is not easy - It is a constant struggle each day to meet the needs of your students. I cry some afternoons because of my sense of failure, but it just pushes me to get out and discover a better way to present the material, get the students involved, find what interests them, and the best way to do it all...source

Teaching Later in Life - I am also a "grown-up" college student working for a BS in Elementary Ed. I am 50 years old and will be graduating when I am 51. For almost 25 years, I worked in the corporate world and then happily left it through an early retirement program. The way I see it, age is not so much of a concern as fulfillment in our chosen life work. What we may lack in energy as older teachers we make up for in...source

Third Grade Stuff - My first year last year was with 3rd grade. It is a great grade where the kids will be picking up lots of new concepts. Find out your schedule as soon as you can. Kids thrive on regularity. If there is a day where you dont have a "special" music, art, etc. That can be your time period for centers. Or you can use...source

where to begin - I remember feeling just as you are now. I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time to have my own classroom with unlimited possibilities. I really went all out decorating, rearranging, organizing...Finally, by about the second or third week of August, I realized that my room was perfect, but I had no idea what I was going to teach and when. I knew the basics, but I hadnt really made a master plan. I would suggest trying to avoid this problem by working for a balance. Start looking at your curriculum, making sure you know what objectives youre...source

Jans 25 Tips for First Year Teachers - Here is a list of short tips to help new teachers get a good start on the school year source

New Teachers Survival Guide - Indepth guide for new teachers, written by someone who has been there. Advice on organization, management, grading, discipline and that important first day source

Recruiting New Teachers - Thinking about becoming a teacher? This site give lots of information to those who are considering education as a career source

Survival Guide for New Teachers - Useful advice for new teachers on how to work with a variety of challenges and where to seek support source

Teacher Quality Home Page - Links and information about programs that work to adequately prepare and support teachers to do their best in the classroom source

Ten Tips for Student Teachers - An experienced mentor shares some tips to help a new student teacher plan for a postivie experience source

The First 180 Days. First-year Teacher Diaries - Week by week progress of first year teachers, shared in diary form. source

Tips on Becoming a Teacher - What does it take to be a good teacher? This list gives the qualities needed for a good teacher candidate source

Welcome to the Profession! - Lots of information for the new and nervous teacher. There are hints on getting your classroom set up, tips for working with parents, information on class management and much more source

What Every New Teacher Should Know About Discipline - This article from Edweek outlines the information new teachers need to develop a discipline plan for their students. source

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching - This inspiring page includes check lists, tips, ideas and information about that important first year. In addition is information on receiving help from colleges, and from schools administration. source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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