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Grades K-3

Primary Grades K-3 Join us to share teaching ideas! Ask questions, help others when you can. Discover the fun and rewards of visiting with fellow teachers from across the country! Newcomers welcome! Free! source

Just Another Day in Kindergarten The daily triumphs and struggles of an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher. [BLOG] source


First Days of First Grade - I like Harry Wongs approach.Read his book "The First Days of School."Rules and procedures for everything!!!However the students are really anxious to do some sort of "work". You can incorporate the way things are to be done by doing them rather than lecture. Plan to do some kind of ...source

grade 1 vs kindergarten -

With grade 1 you have a more specified curriculum - you teach math, language arts, science, social studies. Whereas in kindergarten it is more basic skills - the alphabet, patterns, number recognition, etc.,
The children are just a bit more mature so they are more ready to learn, stay on task, etc.,

I found when I taught kindergarten there was a...source

moving to first grade - I think the biggest change you will notice is that students in grade 1 are much more dependent on the teacher especially in the first 2-3 months of school. Ive taught grade 1 now for 7 years and I do not enjoy September, but once Im through that month I love the rest of the year. For your first week especially you need...source

teaching grade 1 - Grade 1 is wonderful! You are right in the first few months are important ones. They will help to sent the tone for the year. I spend the first week on basic routines - bathrooms, sharpening pencils, asking questions, etc., They will need a lot of reminders and repetition. Its good to start some of the work routines you may be doing such as the calendar, weather, morning letter, ...source

All About Us - Mrs. Spanglers class of first graders is an enthusiastic, busy group. This page shares information about their schedule and about some class favorites source

Gayles Preschool Rainbow-Activity Central - Tons of activities for the preschool crowd. Art projects, fingerplays, themes, games for all areas of the curriculum source

Inside Kindergarten - From a kindergarten teacher in Seneca, Mo. Includes eleven unit plans, an introductory parent letter, and tips for sharing the internet with young children source

Kindergarten Kafe - A free, bi-monthly newsletter for Kindergarten teachers. Activity ideas, poems, recipes, more. Archive of past issues (1996-99) source

Mr. Galls Class - See what one class of second graders is up to with their daily online diary. There is even an FAQ to explain the project more thoroughly source

Mr. Paulsens Second Grade Class - Lots of activities and pictures of an energetic bunch of 2nd graders source

Mrs. Chapotons Classroom - This colorful informative page gives students incentive to read and enjoy a variety of stories. Great fun. Theme changes periodically source

Mrs. Fraziers First Grade - This welcoming webpage will keep 1st graders and their parents informed all year. Mrs.Frazier has included news, schedules, articles of interest and inspiration on this classroom website source

Mrs. Jane Chastains Kindergarten Web Page - This web page gives a look at the many components that make up a kindergarten class. See the schedule, rules, centers and special events that make a fun year for little ones source

Mrs. Ks First Grade Classroom - All about first grade in Mrs. Ks classroom. Parents can check out curriculum, class activities and announcements. source

Mrs.Rosss First Grade Class - This is truely a "classroom in cyberspace." Interactive flashcards for keywords, weekly spelling words, classroom events and home activities source

Mrs. Schurmans 2nd Grade - Mrs. Schurman uses her web page to keep her students and their parents informed about assignments and announcements. Home-school communication at its best source

Mrs. Tonnessens Home Page - There are busy little bees in Mrs. Tonnessens first grade! Projects and classroom routines are shared to give you a look at the way they spend their day source

Mrs. Zakowskis Kinder "garden" - Lots of ideas and information on this Intergrated Kindergaten class. The teachers include special class projects, themes, objectives and an ABC booklist for other teachers to refer to source

Ms. Klevinskas Class Room 22 - Ms Klevinskas first graders have a web page to share. Find out what they are reading and writing as well as how they spend the rest of their day source

The Best and Worse of Winter in North Pole, Alaska - Second graders share their opinions about winter in Alaska. Pictures add a nice touch source

Welcome to Room 16 - Mrs. Footes 2nd grade is a busy group. They have created a guide to their community and share information about their classroom too source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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