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Its working for you - Isnt it great that we can all dialogue about professional topics together and gather insight from one another to help us learn? I am so happy to hear that you, Jennie, have a model that is working for you and more importantly your students. That is great, and we certainly do need to all find a model that works best for our particular situation and our particular group of children. Lets all remember that by disagreeing as professionals we arent...source

Open Classrooms - I taught (briefly) in an open space school, and my children attended one. In each case the teachers had done as you note - made "walls" from whatever was available. A couple of ideas that seemed to work for them and for me:

Keep your loudest activities next to the permanent wall if you have one. Try to block that area off on two or three sides with sound absorbing things like file cabinets or bookshelves.

Place your desk in the most secure location you have in your room. Since you dont use it much during the day its location isnt an issue when youre teaching. But you dont want students...source

self-contained vs. resource room - I taught resource room for the first half of this school year, and self-contained for the second half, so I feel very qualified to answer your question. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject: For me, I much prefer self-contained. I liked having my own classroom and my own group of kids. I thought resource room was much easier - I had one to four kids at a time for 30 minutes a day. If a kid drove me crazy, I only had to ...source

teaching multi-age - Multi age is wonderful...youre going to need to think about how to integrate curriculum from SS and Sci into your Language Arts and Math blocks. Start by copying all the standards from the state and other district ones one sided...then cut these up into related segments. Take a large piece of butcher paper and start moving the blocks from science together with the ones in SS till you have as many categorized in clumps as possible...For instance, ...source

the best? - I always keep those special cards and poems my students make for me. They are great for those days when youre feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated. I have one that never fails to make me laugh. It came from a student who ...source

year-round link - My personal kids have been in and out of year round schools. About half of all the elementaries in our area are year round due to overcrowding. There are, of course, pros and cons to the schedule. In Georgia my first concern would be that...source

25 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week - Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week. Share this one source

Are You a True Elementary School Teacher? - Here is a little self test to find out if you are truely an Elementary school teacher. Be careful, answering source

Creating a Teacher Mentoring Program - A successful mentoring program enhances many aspects of the teaching profession. This paper discusses many ways to ensure effective mentoring source

Developing Educational Standards - Datbase of state standards as well as a hotlist of resources for developing and implementing standards source

NEA American Education Week - From the NEA comes ideas for celebrating American Education week. Ideas for community involvement,as well as honoring educators are included source

Nothing Matters - Teachers should teach nothing... A personal essay to reflect upon source

PBS Teachersource - PBS and the Teacher. Information about Public television programs and their use in the classroom. You can find out about current and future series and get important information on taping and copyright issues. There is also a search function that lets you look for programs (many avaible by video) by grade level, subject, or state standards source

Restoring Meaning to Teaching - This article discusses education from teachers side of things. Dialogue and reflections from targeted teacher study groups are used to help make sense of teaching and learning source

Teacher Blogs - Dozens of teachers share their experiences on ProTeacher member blogs! source

Teachers Zine - A monthly online magazine that supports and encourages teachers. There is a "Texas" slant to some of the articles. Much of the "zine" appeals to teachers everywhere source

TeachNets Daily Classroom Specials! - Practical ideas and hands-on curriculum projects updated weekly. An archive of past weekly features. Click on source to learn more about TeachNet source

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - Interested in National Board Certification? This site will provide the information you will need source

Windows Wallpaper for Teachers - Special wallpaper for teachers computers. Add some inspiration to your computer. Past wallpapers are also archived source

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